UEFI bios

I have a computer with windows 8 and the UEFI bios.
I wil make a dual boot with windows 8 and netrunner rolling.

At the moment I have installed linux mint KDE, they are supported UEFI bios
The only thing I do in the bios is:

CSM bootdevice : UEFI only and by secure boot : other OS
I have a asus computer.

Can I install netrunner at the same way if I install linux mint? I wil delete the mint version.

That is fine the “Other OS” option effectively turns off secure boot, Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro Linux, here is the Manjaro UEFI wiki guide:

When I read the guide I think it is the same way like linux mint.

Manjaro 0.8.9 which the Netrunner Rolling 2014.04 ISO was based added UEFI support to the graphical installer. Manjaro did previously use a modified version of the Debian Mint installer, but didn’t have enough features so a search for new installer began. Thus, our current graphical installer is a fork of Cnchi from Antergos. However, there is a new qt5 based, distribution independent Installer currently in development called calamares, this new GUI installer is being developed in cooperation with Manjaro, Netrunner (Blue systems), KaOS, Chakra and some other KDE/QT developers.

Here is a post from the Manjaro forum on the new installer:

KaOS forum post:

Here is the git hub for the project:

Thank for your answer but at the moment I can install the iso without problems?

I apologize. sometimes I get a little too excited about certain things, LOL :), the answer to your question is Yes.

I go try later this day install netrunner rolling and see what happen :slight_smile:

I make a usb with netrunner but with only uefi is bios this wil boot, with the legacy option also enabled netrunner boot.
Can I do also a install with netrunner and legacy and uefi both enabled?
Did I see the grub when netrunner maybey installed in the legacy option?

Yes & Yes

I have do the install but I have a problem with the grub. The grub I see is the grub of ubuntu. Something for bash grub
I have choose now the windows loader for boot.

I see something is wrong with install. When I install mint agiain I see that the partition where I have installed netrunner the efi bootloader also at the same partition.

I don’t personally have a uefi system this may help: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=UEFI_-_Install_Guide#Dual_booting_with_Windows

or you could try using the CLI installer.

I go wait a while when the new installer is ready to use. Thanks for your help anyway.