UEFI Dual Boot

Linux peoples,
I have a UEFI system with GPT formatted boot OS drive (Windows 7 x64) and EFI system parition.
I want to install Netrunner 64 on a separate/non-os drive for a dual boot.
I have “UEFI and BIOS” support enabled in bios and planning to smash F12
at post to select Netrunner.
Also planning on putting the boot partition of Netrunner on the 2nd drive (non-OS).
Should work eh? Pulled off something similar w/ Win7/Ubuntu but Ubuntu was UEFI supported.

So… tried it out and it works fine.
Only thing is, on F12 boot selection, there it no name for the Linux distribution, say “Netrunner”,
I just select the drive I installed Netrunner on and it boots it fine.