unable to fresh install gtx 970 graphics

I’ve almost given up trying to install rolling. .this is my last resort! ! I know the issue is my graphics card which is gtx 970 … I tried installing using no mode set… no luck! I get a black screen when I try to run live or free…tried the grub with no mode set … I need help … I’m new in linux… please help!

What tool did you use to create your live media from the ISO?

I had the same problem this weekend. I don’t quite remember exactly, what i did to fix it (so many tries), but in the end, i have started in text mode (text nomodeset) and then i was able to install with the text mode installer.

After restart in text mode again i was able see the console, but it flickered and it was hard to enter my username on the login prompt. But to enter the password was impossible (i had to enter the keys in sync with the “flickering”)

But luckily, root has no password, so i was able to login as root. This way i could kill sddm (which caused the flickering). Then i could install the nvidia drivers, and from that moment on, everything went relatively smooth

When the Live media boots up, try selecting the non-free option. This will cause the live session to load using the proprietary Nvidia drivers by default instead of the opensource nouveau drivers.

I have tried that too, but it did not work. AFAIR i got the spinning netrunner logo and then nothing more happened.

Did you correctly tried nomodeset because only this is detected as turning off the free drivers.
I think the proprietary drivers shipped on the ISO might be too old for your card that’s the reason they won’t work either.
So the only option here would be nomodeset to get going with a general Vesa like driver.
After install and initial update you can of course get the newest proprietary driver that should work fine with your card.

What do you mean by correctly? I have tried the nomodeset on both version the free and the non-free. As I said, only the text option worked to boot into the live system.
Today I gave some other options a try, but non of them worked. xforcevesa did not work as well. I have added sysrq_always_enabled so I could boot the frozen system without turning off and on the machine all the time.

The reason, why I still have not given up to try to boot the NetRunner Rolling Live system is, that Linux Mint 17 boots just fine into graphical mode (VESA, but graphical), without any kernel parameter other than the default (quiet splash).

So I am still wondering, if there is some magic i could do, to make NetRunner boot into graphical mode. I want to repartition my SSD, because the text-mode installer did not align the partitions correctly (and I don’t like the layout, but after all this boot problems I was so happy about my installed system, that i didn’t want to install it again)

Make sure you did not use unetbootin or something similar to make your live media, this is a hybrid filesystem ISO and needs to be written in raw format. The recommended utilities are dd, Suse Image Writer or Rufus: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Burn_an_ISO_File

I have created the stick using dd, as described on the Manjaro wiki. But since i was not completely sure, i recreated it again. But as expected, this did not solve the issue with the nVidia card.
I will now (as an experiment out of curiosity) see if i can make a NetRunner 15 USB to boot into graphical mode…

OK, I just checked and the gtx 970 is too new for use with both drivers on the Netrunner Rolling ISO.
Minimum Driver requirements:
Linux Kernel 3.19 or higher (for the Nouveau opensource driver)
The proprietary Nvidia driver version 343.22 or higher,

You’ll need to install the system using the CLI installer, and then change out the installed kernel or install the latest nvidia drivers before you would be able to get a GUI.

PS. This is just one of the reasons why a new ISO has been needed for a while now.

That is what i did. I have tested the Manjaro 0.9 ISO and it works with the non-free drivers. So its just a matter of time :wink:

If or when we ever get a new Netrunner Rolling ISO you would be right.
However, keep in mind that the original plan was to have a new ISO every 3 - 4 month according to the Release Schedule: http://www.netrunner.com/release-schedules/

This has yet to happen since it’s conception:
First ISO : 2014.04 - Second ISO: 2014.09 --> 5 Months.
Interim bug fix release: 2014.09.1 - No more releases to date --> 7 months and still counting.
Because of the long length of time between ISO’s, I had to write a short tutorial on updating the system from a fresh installation using the current 2014.09.1 ISO here: http://forums.netrunner.com/showthread.php?tid=17358