uninstall runner id

I’m new here and signing up for this site was not easy… ok with that said I want to uninstall everything dealing with cloud and that includes runner-id, I tried using synaptic but no luck runner id is not listed there…I really want to get rid of everything dealing with cloud…so your help would be great… my username is zerozero, I would rather be able to use just a 0…but again thats for another post or day…thank you

Simply remove the link from the desktop and panel. (In the panel with right click and kmenuedit).

It’s that easy, because nothing is actually installed.
It is only a possible settings, that you could provide your account to establish a link to for example to ownlcoud if you had such an account regardless of Netrunner. So it is NOT like Ubuntu one entrenched in your system. It’s more like a program asking IF you have email, so nothing cloud-related is actually installed on your computer to begin with, so just delete the desktop icon and you’re fine using a local system.