unsolving dependencies - kde-baseapps

Good evening to the comunity!
New member here.

I installed netrunner yesterday, so far so good,
but here is a (small I think) issue:
I gave the command: sudo aptitude full-upgrade,
and here is the result:

[code]thanasis@thanasis-VGN-CS11S-Q:~$ sudo aptitude full-upgrade
The following packages will be upgraded:
The following packages are proposed but will not be installed:
1 package can be upgraded, 0 new-installed, 0 for removal and 0 did not upgrade.
Needs to fetch 9160 B of files. After extraction will be used 0 B.
The following packages have unsolving dependencies:
kde-baseapps : Depends on: plasma-widget-folderview (>= 4:4.9.4-0ubuntu0.1) but the 4:4.9.3-0ubuntu0.2~netrunner12.12~ppa1 is installed.
The following actions will resolve theese dependencies:

 Removal of the following packages:
  1. kde-baseapps                

Accept this solution;? [Y/n/q/?]

So do I accept or not?

(forgive me for any mistakes as I have translated the terminals answer from Greek languange)

Thanks in advance

Simply ignore this, kdebaseapps is an empty package only fixing the folderview package, which is netrunner-specific.
We will package an updated version, so all dependencies are met soon.

Thank you!