[Update] 2014-05-25 - KDE 4.13.1 and more.

This update can be performed as usual using octopi.

Here is the release announcement:

This update also removes all remaining nepomuk package requirements for KDE and moves completely to Baloo, however please DO NOT remove nepomuk at this time, some KDE based application still require it to run.
Here is a list off apps that still need porting:

For those apps you may need to run this command for them to work:
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libnepomukcore.so.4 /usr/lib/libnepomuk.so.4

Thanks!! Updating now :slight_smile:

btw, nepomuk-core nepomuk-widgets have been updated to 4.13.1

Below is the link from KDE.org

Yes I know, they are only there for compatibility sake, see the previous list of those apps not ported yet.

You can update them through Octopi to the current versions in the AUR:
4.13.1 nepomuk-core
4.12.4 nepomuk-widgets (currently out-of-date, should be updated soon)
an link the library like I posted before for them to run.

PS. As soon as all remaining apps are ported to baloo, nepomuk will have been replaced/depreciated and no longer be supported.

Go well my friend,

Yeap I know about that but just put here for reference purposes. :wink:

Go well to you too my friend :slight_smile: