[Update] 2014-06-17

(Manjaro 0.8.10 update-pack 1)

This update pack contains the usual system and regular kernel updates, so please reboot after the update. You also get the latest upstream packages like: Mesa 10.2, KDE 4.12.3, Firefox 30 & Thunderbird 24

This Update should be a smooth one, just update as usual using either octopi or the terminal: sudo pacman -Syu

Note: The firefox-kde package is maintained by the Netrunner developers, and not part of the Manjaro update packs, please give them some time to update it.

Here is the release announcement: http://manjaro.org/2014/06/17/update-pack-1-is-online-now/

Does this mean that the update will break FF KDE?

Normally it shouldn’t

Just to let you know, firefox-kde (blueshell) and jre7-openjdk (extra) have both been updated as of 6/18.

Smooth update as always… I keep expecting things to break and it never does. What is this dark magic? :slight_smile:

The Manjaro developers do a great job at making sure your system is as stable as possible, even if they have to take longer testing updates, or even if they have to hold some things back (xorg) because other things rely on them (ATI/nvidia proprietary Drivers) that are a bit behind, etc. :slight_smile:

Which I like! I get why they hold things back - and sure that means some security features may take a week extra to reach me but I rather have that than have to worry at every new update. Now I just click and go about my business :slight_smile:

Yep, update went perfect.