[Update] 2014-06-28

Manjaro 0.8.10 update-pack 2 released, update as usual.
Note: after successful update run: sudo chmod 750 /root/

Here is the release announcement:

Update went smoothly using sudo pacman -Syu, followed by AJ’s suggested sudo chmod 750 /root/

I also installed kernel 3.15, which I’m now running. GRUB updated correctly, as well. So far, everything is running great.

I have a fresh install of Netrunner Rolling. After update I have got a message from the Octopi:

There are 3 outdated packages in your system:

Name Outdated version Available version
libiodbc 3.52.8-2 3.52.9-1
nepomuk-core 4.12.3-1 4.13.1-1
nepomuk-widgets 4.12.3-1 4.12.4-1

I cannot decide what do I do?

You can safely remove them, they are no longer needed by KDE and have been superseded by Baloo.
Please do not use Octopi for your first update, read and follow this post:

Thank you for the helping. I followed these instructions and I do not know what happened. After updating, when I wanted to install some application with Octopi I saw these. So if these are not necessary, how can I remove them? Is Octopi a good way?

Yes, using Octopi would be fine, just right click > remove, then apply.