[Update] 2014-12-10

Manjaro 0.8.11 Update pack 1 now online:

This update can be performed as normal, but you will need to run the update command twice as all of the server keys need to be updated on first run. If you use octopi for this update then it handle the server key update for you, but you will still need to enter your password twice.

Notes: The Blue Systems firefox-kde package has been added to the Manjaro repositories, plus kernel updates, etc. so please reboot after this update finishes to load the updated kernel and ACPI daemon, etc…

Here are the release announcements from the Manjaro blog and forums:

AjSlye, is it necessary to lower down the blueshell repo, to take advantage of firefox-kde in Manjaro’s repo, or are they the same. I ask this because I didn’t see any update of firefox-kde in this update, still at version 34.0.5

If you open Octopi and search for firefox-kde you will see they are both there and the same version, however the language packs for this version are newer in the Manjaro community repository.


On a side note: The octopi repository editor in version 0.5 will now retain the siglevels values again, so we can now add, remove, enable, disable and edit our repositories with it again.

It shows both are enabled

So it must be that firefox-kde in both repos is synced to the same github package.

No they are separate files in separate repository’s, but they are exactly the same package with exactly the same signature.
So yes, they will both be marked as installed at least until one file differs from the other.

Please excuse this newbie question. I just did a fresh reinstall of Rolling, I’m playing with partitioning. Do I do the earlier 8.11 update as described in a prior post, and then the new update 1, or does update 1 include the earlier update?

Thank you for your indulgence,


Netrunner Rolling Edition (Manjaro) is a rolling release distribution, what this means is that all the packages in the repositories are constantly being updated to newer versions. You only need to install your system once, and as long as you run the updates as they are pushed out, you will always be running the latest versions of all the software that is installed on your system, no need to ever re-install again.

However due to a bash bug that was patched after the 2015.09.1 ISO was released, you will need to follow these instructions first.

open a terminal and type:

sudo rm -R /var/lib/pacman/local/bash-4.3.024-1
sudo pacman -Sy bash

Now you can perform the update as described in this post.

Thx for the explanation, it makes it easier to understand what’s going on.

Thank you AjSyle. I think I’ve got the whole “rolling” thing, I just wanted to be sure the updates were cumulative. I ran it from the terminal, actually a couple of times, and the third time it told me there was “nothing to do.” I expect that meant I’m all up-to-date.


Yep, your all up to date. :slight_smile:

Just keep in mind that when a New snapshot ISO is released you won’t need to re-install like you would on a static release model, just run the update and you done. The only thing you shouldn’t receive in such an update is any changes in default software or themes, what I mean by this is that if Netrunner was to change the office suite or desktop theme defaults on the ISO, it shouldn’t change them on your installed system, which IMHO is a good thing as I usually don’t stick with the defaults anyway.

If you ever have any issues and need some help or just need information, don’t hesitate to ask.