[Update] 2016-03-31

Manjaro 15.12 update-pack 14:

Included in this update:
KDE Frameworks 5.20
Plasma 5.6.1
Qt 5.6
Octopi 0.8.1

Current supported kernels:
[]Linux310 3.10.101
]Linux312 3.12.57
]Linux314 3.14.65
]Linux318 3.18.28
]Linux41 4.1.20
][color=red]Linux43 4.3.6 EOL[/color]
[]Linux44 4.4.6
]Linux45 4.5
This update also includes the usual Archlinux upstream fixes as of Mar. 30, 2016.

You can use Discover, Octopi or the command line for this update:

sudo pacman -Syyu

NOTE: Almost all kernels were updated, a reboot will be required

Official Manjaro Announcement: https://manjaro.github.io/Update-2016-03-31_(stable)/
Official Manjaro forum thread: https://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=32586.0

This updated trigger some errors on my hp…

I didn’t make any screenshots or logs but maybe I’ll do a reinstall later and see if I can catch them again…

If somebody is having errors while trying to start doplhin like: unable to create io-slave: klauncher said: Error while loading '/usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kio/file.so' or similar, try to start dolphin with

dbus-launch dolphin

and it works.
Konqueror is working fine. It seems dbus isn’t starting a session for the user/process.

A reboot is often necessary when the kernel gets updated.
Since almost all of the supported kernels received updates this time, everyone will need to reboot.

I updated the announcement to include the instruction to reboot.

I was getting the same dolphin error, but I rebooted (as I got into the habit of doing after updates, since various things usually go crazy), dolphin then worked fine.