[Update] 2016-1-27

[size=medium]Manjaro 15.12 update-pack 5:[/size]

Included in this update:
Pulseaudio 8.0
New features:
[]Automatic routing more likely to change profile
]Systemd journal logging for clients
[]New LFE balance programming interface
]Module-dbus-protocol improvements
[]More flexible configuration file handling
]pulsecore-8.0.so moved to a private directory
[]New script for measuring memory consumption
]Various bug fixes and small improvements
Plasma 5.5.3 received many bug fixes and patches.
Kernels patched against this zero-day linux kernel vulnerability: CVE-2016-0728.
Python, Haskell and Java packages received updates.

Current supported kernels
[]Linux310 3.10.95
]Linux312 3.12.52
]Linux314 3.14.59
]Linux318 3.18.25
]Linux41 4.1.16
]Linux43 4.3.4
[*]Linux44 4.4.0

This update also includes the usual Archlinux upstream fixes as of Sun Jan 24, 2016.

You can use Discover, Octopi or the command line for this update:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Official Manjaro anouncement: https://manjaro.github.io/Update-2016-01-27_(stable)/
Official Manjaro forum thread: https://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=30569.0

Getting this message - error: failed retrieving file ‘kinfocenter-5.5.3-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz’ from arch.netrunner.com : The requested URL returned error: 404
warning: failed to retrieve some files
error: failed to commit transaction (unexpected error)
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.

Run the update again from the command line with pacman -Syyu, the second y forces the local pacman database to refresh.

Already tried it, doesn’t work. I ran pacman-mirrors -g and it looks like there are some errors with some of the mirrors.

I found the issue, please run the update again.

Great, worked a treat. Thanks for your help as always…

Another smooth update. Really enjoying Netrunner Rolling. Thanks to the team!