Update after fresh install - Rolling 2014.09

Hi guys

After a fresh install of the latest ISO, I perform an update and it all goes fine but then when I try to install the Nvidia drivers, it fails every time.

Can anyone tell me if I have to perform the update a different way? or do I use Octopi or whatever. Also how do I then install the Nvidia drivers?

Many thanks


I have tried to install the nvidia driver package manually - installs fine but when I reboot I get a TTY login which flickers.

Any ideas?

Hello. Did yor try use yaourt? I believe AUR will help you.
or try this https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/Configure_Graphics_Cards

I had the exact same problem with nvidia drivers and I could not solve it, so I switched to Manjaro. I hope someone will find a solution so i can come back to Netrunner.
p.s. I know that is off topic but where can i find Netrunners desktop theme? :smiley:

Per other post the problem is a conflict and thus you can not install the Nvidia drivers. It is being worked on to see why this is happening and until this is fixed you won’t be able to install it. This only happened with the 2014.09 as it was working fine with 2014.04.

Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro and not arch, you can not use the arch method to install video drivers, the graphics stack is different. You will need to use MHWD either through the GUI in Manjaro Settings Manager or from the command line.



First. be sure that your graphics card is supported by the latest non-free nvidia drivers.

@ emptybb
The Netrunner theme is in the blueshell repository this will need to be added to your pacman.conf:

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll

thanks guys, will wait until the next ISO is released.

No problems. that would be the easiest way to solve your issue, especially if your not comfortable changing the drivers manually yourself. Just remember to boot the live environment using the non-free drivers option if you wish to have the proprietary drivers installed by default.

Thanks AJSlye. Any idea when the new ISO will be released?

No I don’t, all I do know is they are testing a fixed live ISO, but whether or not they will be releasing a new ISO based on it I have no Idea, sorry.

A new ISO is on the way as fast as possible together with a new announcement text with a little bit more info about the release.