update manager misbehaving

Hi all. Installed the new version and one again am very impressed. Appearance and functionality have been flawless. The only issue so far to report is with the muon update manager. Shows up in the taskbar with updates available. Go through the update process and it does not download the updates actually but shows it is going through the install process, then reloads and the updates are still there to go through the same thing all over again. If i go to the package manager itself i can reload, it will actually download the updates and install them, then show the system as up to date. Same with synaptic, it works properly. Not a biggy, but just wanted to point it out is all. Thanks again for all the hard work and the good job. The netflix addition was a real nice touch :slight_smile:

I have the exact same thing happen to me. I am goign to try and un-install the Muon and then re-install and see what happens

[color=#000080][i]Discover Muon always flawed; does not work well in any distribution, Kubuntu, MintKDE and others, so do not use it, I prefer to do it in the terminal with “sudo apt-get update” … “sudo apt-get upgrade” … “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” is the only way that everything is updated smoothly.

Now if I want something graphically choose Synaptic or Muon Package Manager.[/i][/color]