Update Process


this is my first post . on my computer i use MANJARO too and update it with this command:

sudo pacman -Syyu --noconfirm && yaourt -Syua --devel --noconfirm

is this usefull for NETRUNNER ROLLING too?


Why two commands?
All you need to use is one or the other.
If your going to be updating AUR applications at the same time as your system all you need is:

yaourt -Syyua -noconfirm

Never use the devel switch as this can cause issues with some of Netrunner repository applications.


ok. but this command is in MANJARO recommanded to do updates. I do this yesterday in NETRUNNER ROLLING and got an error about curl and url not found 404 etc.

How can I undo this - a new Install? :frowning:


I don’t remember anyone on the Manjaro team recommending that command, but I may be wrong.
Do you have a link where that command was recomended?

The --devel switch is used to search an update for devel packages.
The problem with this is that Manjaro, nor Netrunner rolling, have a devel repository, so this will give you an error.


it is in german , my language :https://de.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=2432.0


Well, I don’t know why sdoubleyou recommended that.
The official command line to update your system would be sudo pacman -Syu.

OK, my System maybe corrupt because since this update behavior. Everytime i reboot i got an KDE Error ( Absturzbericht)

I will do a new Install


What is the error your getting?


when my system goes down for reboot or shutdow, or sometimes by closing the terminal i got this error (german):

“plasmashell ausführbare datei abgestürzt Pid 1105 etc”


Intel GPU?



i use a NVIDIA 9800gtx with driver 340xx installed.


When this happens do you get a kdeinit5 error box as well?

I dont know . It looks like a Report - tool -box :-/


Yep, this is a common issue that keeps reoccurring, it’s not always the same thing causing though. Last time it was the Mesa drivers, the time before that is was the Intel drivers (sna).

Update: This seems to be fixed in plasma 5.5.2-1 with plasma-workspace 5.5.2-1.1 and QT 5.2.1-7.
There seems to be a lot more QT5 bug fix updates this time around. These will be in the next update-pack.

OK. But this error occurs since i update NETRUNNER ROLLING via recommanded MANJARO Update Procedur.

I hope my System isnt corrupted because of my multiple Bootmachine - Netrunner install was not easy :frowning:

OK, but just because one person recommends something, does not make it the recommended procedure.
Like I said, this sounds more like a bug to me.

i make a new install of Netrunner Rolling and the Plasma Error is always there. :s

Manjaro 15.12 KDE wich i installed too doesnt show this error.


Well, I don’t know what it could be then. When I get a chance, I will take a closer look at some of our extras to see if any of them could be causing this issue.

Update: Manjaro doesn’t change the default kwin compositor settings, Netrunner does. I’ve noticed on my system that if I set these back to default and hit apply, the intermittent crashing on shutdown, start up, etc. stops happening.

Try playing around with the compositor settings or turn it off completely and see if that helps.
System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Compositor
System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects.