Update Today sound doesn't work when changing sounds for Notifications

[size=small]The Update [/size] Today sound works for Youtube,Music program etc… But not for System Notifications except defaults already set.

Default points to sound example Network Connection deactivated works if you keep whatever default sounds.
Example device disconnected.ogg. But if you want to change sounds and end up with a path even a valid one. Will Not play

Like /usr/share/sounds/disconnect.ogg then it will not work till you erase the path and only have disconnect.ogg in the play sound path window. Cannot change sounds as soon as you select sound then it will insert path string /usr/sounds/disconnect.ogg and that will Not work.

Goes for path to any other including ones in my home directory no longer work. If i enter just the sound file. As doesn’t know where to look? As not in default folder where it is looking?


Default Works

Manually selecting same ogg adds path /usr/share/sound/
to ogg and Does Not work.

So looks like a New Bug?

Seems like it, I will test this tomorrow.
I haven’t noticed this yet, personally I turn off all system sounds and desktop effects by default.

Yep sometimes I want off so just mute or turn my speakers off.

As sometimes laying down reading or watching the TV and during the update and need to know if my Wifi disconnects.
Which it does time to time and have to manually re-connect. Or when I receive New Mail like to be told so I can get up and check it out.

So system can alert me at a distance :smiley:

Went ahead and added to existing bug report with link to this thread for clarification.


OK, so if you go through and remove the paths leaving just the sound files name and extension (desktop-login.ogg) listed, it will play the sound file as expected. However, this would mean the sound files need to be stored in the system and/or users paths. Still this is a strange bug indeed.

Yep resolved by moving my sound files to the default location. Making sure there is no path listed in entry box.

And yep a hack but minor compared to more recent issue of my dual monitors end up stacked on top of each other on boot.
Use to happen once every 10-15 boots. Now is happening every 7-9 boots.

And re-booting doesn’t work. Have to manually place them side by side and apply. Then good for another 5-8 boots fine.
Then open my conky file and resave to position it back on right monitor. Annoying

Chimed in on bug report.

That is strange as well, when I plug in my TV monitors to the laptop via HDMI it always remembers what side they we’re set to agording to physical location. In one room I have my Philips set to above and in the living room my LG is set to the right of laptop. But then again, these displays are not hooked up all the time or at boot normally.