Upgrade Issues with Bumblebee - 11/10 2014

Ok so the new update package returned with errors

(Beyond the fact that I had already installed the Breeze theme from git which clashed with Netrunner Artwork package - but that is clear)

I have a laptop with a discrete Nvidia card (yes I know the horrors involved in those) and so far so good - I’ve used the Noveau packages instead of Nvidia simply because they are easier to deal with. Now doing the upgrade on the stationary computer went smooth and perfect (it doesn’t have discrete graphics). But when trying it on my laptop in both octopi and terminal I got this back:

:: Starting full system upgrade… :: intel-dri: requires mesa=10.2.7 :: lib32-intel-dri: requires lib32-mesa=10.2.7 :: lib32-noveau-dri: requires lib32-mesa=10.2.7 :: noveau-dri: requires mesa=10.2.7

So thinking “what if I installed those packages au naturelle and on my own?” I checked for the mesa packages and installed one at random and got this back:

:: lib32-mesa-dri and lib32-intel-dri are in conflict

Tricky… does anyone knows

  1. what it is that is wrong
  2. how to solve it?

You will need to use these commands:

sudo pacman -S manjaro-system pacman
sudo pacman -Syu

pacman will ask to replace some packages you will just hit enter for the default of yes.

If there is a bumblebee issue with this update pack, it may have already been reported in the official Manjaro thread, if not could you please report it there:

Here is my update release announcement: http://forums.netrunner-os.com/showthread.php?tid=16434
and here is the official Manjaro release announcement: http://manjaro.org/2014/10/11/update-pack-11-is-online-now/


Ok so for those looking here you have to do the -Syu thing BUT you also have to remove all Breeze artwork before that and remove the Maui SDDM theme… otherwise Netrunner-Artwork wont install and that will block the upgrade.

The Breeze things I get because I manually installed them from aur but the Maui SDDM theme got me scratching my head.

Yes, we have already discussed the Netrunner specific packages blocking upgrades as well as them not trying to make changes to an already installed system that would mess with user specific customization made to their systems. The Maui SDDM theme issue is also related to one of the Netrunner specific packages.

The Netrunner team is still fairly new at working with Manjaro as a base, and they still have some things to learn about how pacman works and packaging for it. I don’t see any of this as a major problem, but we do need to be patient as these minor issues are worked out.

What version of the ISO did you use to install?
The reason I ask is that the Netrunner-Artwork package should not be part of this update.
Did you mean to say that the Netrunner-Artwork package is blocking other packages from being installed with an “already exists in file system” error?

Mesa drivers replaced the separate gpu manufacturer specific packages. So yes, you are supposed to replace them.

If there are conflicting files (with the artwork), a --force option with pacman can solve it, just make sure that there aren’t any system critical conflicts.

It’s never a good idea to use the --force option unless you know what you are doing.

I’m still waiting to find out if ohyran used the older 2014-04 ISO to install with as that would be the only reason for the netrunner specific packages to be included with today’s update, this would also mean that ohyran had skipped an update or two.

Sry was at some friends place and had dinner.

Yes its an older ISO and so I’ve done upgrades letting the netrunner-artwork package go through ignored before. And just like mentioned I prefer not to force an upgrade (its easier to reinstall since I got every important file on a second harddrive).
I’m guessing that when testing out something Plasma Next related (themes in this case) I may have tampered with something I shouldn’t have.

Things are fine right now with the laptop except that it wont boot properly (I’m sorta thinking it was the deleting of the Maui SDDM somehow, but I’m not sure why) so I log in in the console and then go for the “startx” thing. Not optimal but I can live with that until I figure it out.

Well if there is nothing to be lost, I would re-install with the latest ISO.

Well reinstalled and similar issues crop up but now there is no login screen - I can get into console, log in, and start x from there though. A bit of a bummer and I think it’ll be easier for now to simply wait a while and see what the devs come up with.

For now playing around with it and not letting any important files touch the harddrive :slight_smile:

Now that you reinstalled using the 2014.09.1 ISO, run the update pack 11 from the command line like this:

sudo pacman-mirrors -g
sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -S manjaro-system pacman
sudo pacman -Suu

fresh install, first thing I did was the update you suggested, same issue exactly. No login screen but instead either a textprompt OR blank screen and you have to go into the console and login and startx.

Here are some links to the Manjaro wiki:

Since you have a Hybrid graphics system this may be useful:

Cheers but it seems to be something with the update as its been working flawlessly before. Some other people have similar issues so hopefully people more intelligent than me will figure it out sooner or later until which I will simply have to go via console for now.

Manjaro is in the process of changing the way they detect drivers, maybe this has something to do with what your experiencing. I don’t have any machines with hybrid graphics and I also refuse to buy anything with them, but that’s just me.

If you haven’t already, could you please post the make and model of laptop you have?

Maybe our forum should have the same kinds of fields for users information that the Manjaro forums have:

GPU Card:
GPU driver:

These do help a lot when trying to diagnose issues.

Oh sure: its an Asus UX32VD - but just to have that said obviously I’ve checked through the Arch Wiki and its information about the model a few years back.

I mean I’m sure this is just a short snafu and that happens from time to time anyway.

Yea, but Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) has a different graphics stack, device driver detection method, and other utilities, etc. than Arch Linux does.