Upgrade to KDE 5?

I am running netrunner 14.2 with KDE 4 as the default and I have a few questions about upgrading to KDE 5.

Is it possible to upgrade to KDE 5?

If so, would this be a safe and stable thing to do or will there be a lot of bugs and problems?

My system has been very stable for months but KDE 5 plasma has some nice features I’d like to try but I’m ok waiting until it is a part of Netrunner LTS by default.


Just as a future reference:
There is nothing like KDE 5.
What you mean is KDE Plasma 5.

What was known as KDE SC 4 was divided into the desktop which is Plasma. The Applications which are called KDE Applications and the core libraries which are now called KDE Frameworks.

Then stay on it.
You can try out Netrunner 17 or Netrunner Rolling for example which provide the newest latest and greatest of the Plasma 5, KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE Applications.

Thanks for helping me understand KDE. I’ll stick with the LTS version for now since it has been flawless for so long.

Thanks again leszek!