Upgrading from 13.06 to 13.12

Good evening

Will there be an automatism to pass from 13.06 to 13.12 ?
(or an official method)


Yes. Or how make manual update ( for 64bit system 13.06/ installed one OS for all system(hdd))?
CPU T7100/4GB ram/750Gb hdd/GM965(notebook HP g7000 upgrade version)

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to upgrade to 13.12 from 13.06 ?
If so how exactly?
I know how to do a dist upgrade in APT but dont want to risk breaking my system if there are known issues.
This may be a dumb question, but if its not specifically addressed in the release then I must ask.

addressed in main page of 13.12.
not officially able to update without possibly breaking system as of yet 1-14-2014.

I don’t understand.
I have 13.06. What do I do now please,

Do I reinstall everything ?


Be patient and wait until we release a upgrade script.

[quote=“leszek, post:6, topic:1937”]

Be patient and wait until we release a upgrade script.

Goodmorning guys!
I’ve used muon update manager, selected all the software sources, and the system is already update.
BUT there was not an upgrade of the system :slight_smile:
Someone can help me? The 13.12 version is now released but i can’t see any official method for upgrading.

Thank you for your time (and sorry for the language, i’m italian)

They answered to me in another topic a script will be available within a few days

Perfect! :slight_smile: i can’t wait for this!
thank you Pierre771

Hi all,

Any luck with this?
Is the upgrade script ready somewhere?


When its ready there will be an announcement on the homepage.


The script is up, it seems to have worked for me. My twice upgraded Netrunner works a lot better then my fresh Netrunner 13.12 install (albeit on newer hardware). It started as 12.12.

Unfortunately, after having upgraded with the script (one hour) and rebooted, the screen remained blank (black, more exactly !)
I will reinstall the distro later, when I have time for it (maybe).

Do you have proprietary drivers installed?
Which graphicscard do you have?
Does booting in failsafe mode work?

Thanks but too late (I reinitialised the disk) and too complicated…
I’ll reinstall it later.

I successfully upgraded in just over an hour. So far so good.

If anyone is having a No-Network problem after entering sleep mode on a Laptop, the next might help:
("almost quoting)

In Konsole:

sudo touch /etc/pm/sleep.d/wakenet.sh
sudo chmod +x /etc/pm/sleep.d/wakenet.sh
kdesudo /etc/pm/sleep.d/wakenet.sh

Insert the following lines:

case “$1” in

nmcli nm sleep false
exit $?

And then save.