Usage of netrunner?

Does admins know how many people use Netrunner? Just for better understanding about this linux distribution…

Hi maumas,

this is hardly measurable, since we do not implement any “call home” action.
Also note that we are very cautious to generate much hype and stay somewhat under the radar while we work hard to fix most annoyances that still might be present in a current linux distro consisting of some of our own ways of tackling certain problem spaces. We think KDE is the most capable base, though it needs some more attention in fields compared to other simpler or less feature rich DEs to make it perfectly shine. Enigma will consolidate in that direction and hopefully come with one or two surprises ( hint system settings or kwallet ).

Like I understand you are trying to fix not just “Netrunner” bugs but KDE bugs as well?! If it is like that then it’s just perfect!

We try to see where we can improve upstream Kubuntu or upstream KDE.
We sponsor a few KDE developers that work on upstream and also participate in the Extra Miles project, which is kind of KDE papercuts.
If it is too late to hit official KDE releases because of feature freezes, we might decide to ship new stuff early, so while Netrunner tries to be friendly to new Linux users, it does sometimes balance on a razors edge ( like a Runner in the recently re-released card game :wink:

I want to say thank you for producing the first version of Linux which I’ve ever tried (and I have tried all the major distros) which provides all the benefits of running Linux and leaves almost nothing to be desired! I was skeptical going in, on account of the annoyances I’ve had with KDE, and I still am partial to GNOME 2 and Xubuntu, but you made this work. Thank you for having the good sense to get rid of a foisted-on KDE wallet loop which is good for nothing but annoyance and wasted time! Thank you for bringing out the best of KDE features, (such as widgets, and much better desktop and taskbar configurability than Windows), plus very nice Ctrl-Tab window previews and artwork which is so beautiful that I can hardly believe it’s Linux! Thank you even more for MTP which works as consistently as Windows with my laptop and phone, when no versions of Ubuntu or Linux Mint (including Ubuntu KDE) could be relied on at all! I wish that I could donate, but unfortunately I’m unemployed now. I read there were issues with prior versions to Enigma, but none of these has been my experience - I have tried the other distros, and they do at best perform no better. Enigma has been more than good enough that I almost never run Windows 7 at all anymore.

The only thing I wish you would do is find somebody with money and good advice for getting Netrunner promoted. You know it was mostly about a lot of money invested for Ubuntu. The catchy product name and iconography didn’t hurt it, but Shuttleworth built his own humungous software repositories and he threw lots of his money at the media. Linux Mint is popular MOSTLY because when new Ubuntu users complain on Ubuntu forums on all which that OS leaves to be desired, they were told to go try Linux Mint! I love the Netrunner themes and names, but do you think this name obscures the OS on account of the “Netrunner” game which I saw a lot more of when I first google this OS?