USB Multiboot set features Netrunner 14


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[quote]YUMI from is a Windows and Linux utility program which enables a USB flash drive to easily boot into multiple Linux and other utility software collections. In order to simplify the process (and save a lot of time), we will only use YUMI to create the basic YUMI boot/menu structure (SYSLINUX/GRUB) for multibooting. This requires starting YUMI, selecting the correct USB drive letter, clicking on the FORMAT box, and selecting a “fake” dummy ISO file (empty.iso) needed to create that basic structure. We then uncompress KUDOS64.exe to add all “real” content to your newly created USB YUMI Multiboot flash drive. KUDOS64.exe contains two of the best small, fast and elegant 2014 64-bit Linux distributions plus the most useful utility and rescue software.

The Gooplusplus Multiboot 2014 “KUDOS” 64-bit collection fits on a 4GB or larger USB flash drive. To add USB persistence file(s) for saving user settings and data, an 8GB or 16GB USB stick is required. LXLE, Netrunner and OpenElec XBMC are 64-bit Linux distros. They should run on most PCs built in the last ten years. A small 64MB “persistence” file has been added to the designed-for-USB Porteus Linux distro. You can also add USB persistence to LXLE and possibly to Netrunner since both are based on Ubuntu.[/quote]