USB Tethering


i installed Netrunner RR (Rolling Release) and all works fine. USB Tethering with my handy works fine.

After i run an system update the Tethering not works.

Anyone an idea?

Why KDE is after the update still 4.xx?

Greetings Zhenwu and sorry for my bad english

First did you use my guide to do the update?

KDE SC 4 is still receiving security and bug fixes from upstream, so it will remain in the repositories for the foreseeable future. On a rolling release system like Netrunner Rolling / Manjaro / Arch Linux, what you have already installed on your system is what will receives updates. ATM there is no automated upgrade path from KDE 4 to Plasma 5 for Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro). I did write a guide on how to manually upgrade to plasma 5, it is use at your own risk considering the nature of a rolling release system and the amount of time that has past since the last ISO was released. If you successfully updated your system to a current state, I upload you sir, that couldn’t have been an easy endeavor.

I used your 2015/02/25) new update procedure from a fresh install.
After that the USB tethering doesn’t work. An yellow ? Comes at the taskbar at the networkmanager symbol.

Is it the better way to do a fresh instant with the 2015.06 image to become KDE 5?

Greetings Zhenwu

I installed 2015.06 RC2.

Now i have KDE 5.xx and the Tethering works.

Many thanks for your help an

very nice Distribution :heart:

Greetings Zhenwu

OK, same problem.

Yesterday I installed netrunner and the tethering works. After an systemupdate and reboot all works fine.

Now, over night the PC is off. Today at morning the tethering doesn’t work :frowning:
I don’t know where the problem is.

Greetings Zhenwu

Could it be a USB power saving issue?

PS. the 2015.06 ISO’s are going through major changes during the pre releases both in packages and system settings. Where things are in the file system is changings as well as the package names and configurations for our Netrunner specific modifications. These pre-release ISO’s are intended for testing only, updating these installs will problematic if not near impossible in the future.

I think no. The filetransfer (mtp?) works. I become a message that a new device is connected.

I am testing :wink:

Greetings Zhenwu

Unfortunately, my cell phone provider does’t support tethering so I can’t test this.

I installed my Fritz WLAN USB Stick with ndiswrapper.
Now i dont need USB Tethering.

Thanks for your help.

Why cell phone provider?
It is an smartphone/cell phone futur from Android :slight_smile:

Grettings Zhenwu

which stick from Fritz do you have (chip set)?
The linux driver and/or firmware might already be available in the AUR.
This would be better option than using ndiswrapper to install the windows driver firmware.

Also, it’s not actually that they don’t support tethering, they just charge extra for it. :frowning:

Texas Instruments TNETW1450
The only information that i found is, only ndiswrapper works :frowning:

Oh, OK

Greetings Zhenwu

You’ll need these two pkgbuilds:
Kernel driver: