Using XMPP/Facebook with Telepathy 15


I was able to connect to facebook chat using telepathy (kde 4), I upgraded to kde plasma 5, telepathy version 15…
I tried to use Jabber account and change the settings but the connection fail.
Also, I installed telepathy-idle for IRC and telepathy-gabble (XMPP) packages but there’s no option in telepathy to use those :frowning:

I’m new to desktop chat haha I use my cellphone all the time for that normally.

If anyone have this working… it would be great if you could explain to me how to do it too :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that it’s working in Pidgin.

This no longer works under KDE SC 4 either.

As of April 30th, 2015 Facebook changed their chat API and no longer supports XMPP:

KDE Telepathy 15.04 has dropped support for Facebook:

Yes I heard of that, but it was working this morning under KDE SC 4 and it still works in Pidgin (but I hate that app, don’t know why).

It is strange…

(HAHAHA from 2010 facebook posted ‘We believe you should be able to connect with your Facebook friends everywhere. We’re happy to announce that now you can with Facebook Chat.’