Very choppy DVD playback...

I’m experiencing very choppy DVD playback: every 5 to 10 seconds the audio and video are interupted for a second. It occurs with both commercial DVDs [with CSS protection, etc.] and homemade DVDs without any protection.

This seems to be limited to DVDs; I don’t have any problem playing media files such as .mkv, etc. I can play files of full hd 1080 resolution without issue.

This is not a VLC issue either. I installed the Kaffeine media player, and I have the same experience with it.

I am on a fairly powerful desktop machine, which has no problem playing DVDs and Blu Rays under Windows. So not a “borderline” specs problem.

I’d appreciate any advice on correcting this. Thanks!

What display chipset (Intel, Nvidia, AMD, ATI) and display drivers (free or non-free) are you using?

I have an Nvidia GTX 780 card. I have the proprietary driver 352.79 installed.

I don’t think I should have a problem, unelss something is configured incorrectly.

You could try installing the nvidia vdpau support:

sudo pacman -S libva-vdpau-driver lib32-libva-vdpau-driver

I’ll give those a try.

BTW, how do you insert the Code snippets in a post here?

Thanks for your reply!

It’s available in the reply editor toolbar.
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