Virtual Box problem


I have managed to install Virtual Box 4.3 (VB) on Net Rolling.

I installed all Ext packs and my Atheros USB Wireless is recognised.

When I run Kali 1.09 in VB it also recognises the USB Wireless, and I can airmon and airodump.

When I try again in the same session it fails and have to reboot and restart VB and Kali.

Any suggestions becuase this is the only distro I have this problem with?

Everything you need to run virtual box should be in the repository already.
How did you install Virtualbox?
what ext packs do you mean most are in the virtualbox package?

Did you also install the host modules for your kernel series and turn on virtualization in your system UEFI/BIOS?

For the default kernel series in 2014.09.1

sudo pacman -S linux314-virtualbox-host-modules

and reboot

Hi AjSlye

Thanks for answering.

BIOS settings are correct and here is how I installed VB…

sudo pacman -S virtualbox

I then downloaded Ext Pack from Vbox site.
As for the other modules I took a chance and downloaded some through Octopi.
I went by info on Manjaro Wiki
The wirelss does work, but only once.

If you can advise best way to install VB, I would really appreciate it becuase the sound card (ASUS STX) is the best
reproduction I have ever heard in any OS, including Windows!


You only need the host module package for the kernel series your running it on like I listed above, please remove any other ones that you don’t need especially any guest modules for your kernel.

Did you also install the guest additions for the OS your trying to use in Virtual Box:

You might want to ask on the kali forums if the are any virtual box modules (guest additions) available for it.

Hi AJSlye. I will install using the above command. Thanks.