virtual keyboard

I installed netrunner, using virtual keyboard in system tray on live usb since a few of my keys dont work. After install I dont see virtual keyboard in system tray, and I cant find it any place! I dont see it in list of plasma widgets, and I cant seem to find it in list of widgets to download for panel.

Please please PLEASE make it easy to enable virtual keyboard in all stages from live to install! I feel like it was a bait and switch. I must open a config file in text editor to copy letters I need into clipboard just to put in wireless/online passwords so I can find way to enable it (and to assist in writing my post). Not havin a workin h or G key sucks.

Ive never been happier its called GNU, just so I can use G!

As the installer detected you don’t running a touchscreen device it remove the virtual keyboard.
You can install virtual keyboards like for example kvkbd from the software center.

I did a searcH for kvkbd in tHe synaptic packaGe manaGer, and it did not sHow up. I updated repositories and same tHinG. It doesnt sHow up usinG apt-Get eitHer (wHicH i didnt expect it would, just exHaustinG possibilities). I didnt realize accessibility was considered optional, tHat seems a bit backwards. I dont remember seeinG an option for accessibility in tHe install so sorry if Im mistaken, but HavinG tHe option to install (or preferably, install by default and Have tHe option not to) accessibility tools seems like a better cHoice tHan just iGnorinG possible needs entirely.