Waiting for other transactions to finish

I see this when I use Muon Update Manager, or when I try to download anything…when I check for updates in package manager…all the time…can`t do anything…

p.s. I think its obvious, but Ill state it anyway, I`m a noob, thx in advance

An qaptworker script is running in the background blocking your update manager. This could be a bogus process running amok in the background or a simple transaction not done properly. You could try killing this pprocess and see what happens.

Could you please speak in more “noob-terms”…How do I detect and kill that process…via some kind of task manager?
Or console (terminal)?

p.s. This is only my second encounter with linux, first was when I installed ubuntu on sister’s machine…

You can open the taskmanager by pressing CTRL+Escape or executing ksysguard manually. This taskmanager allows you to kill the qaptworker process.

I opened task manager via CTLR+Esc, but when i quicksearch qaptworker, nothing shows up

What happens when you open muon for example and try installing and the popup appears. Do you see then a qaptworker process ?

I really appreciate your help, but I went back to Linux Mint where I had no issues. Since I`m still noob it is kinda “easier” environment.
When I get another, small laptop I will install Netrunner there (because I really like it) and study it a bit.
Thanks anyway