Want to have original Start Panel

Dear Administrator,
I have deleted(or clicked the Remove panel option over the task bar) the default panel(Start and Taskbar) by mistake. I loved the default start Menu Panel after installation It was different. I have tried , But I could not find how to bring back the default start menu. On Right Clicking on the Start Menu, I have two options named 1) Switch to Application launcher style & Switch to Classic menu style. I don’t have the option to replace the default start menu after installation. But Please help me in this regard. Thanks.

Click on the cashew in the right hand corner, then on add widgets, now type homerun, next drag the Homerun Kicker to the panel, after that you can remove the Application Launcher Menu from the panel by hovering over it and clicking the X.

It worked. Thank you so much for your prompt Reply. Netrunner Rolling is a Nice OS.