Warning: Missing File System Support Packages

After a fresh install of NRR 2016.01and the subsequent update, I got the attached screenshot when I invoked KDE Partition Manager for the first time and also subsequently.

What packages should I install to obviate this warning, and why were they not already installed automatically as the KDE partition Manager is quite a standard package.


That’s strange, could be just a bug though. What does the file system support page say?

Do you have any other file systems in use (on the hard drive) that do not appear in this list?

I only have ext4 and linuxswap on my hard disks. Both e2fsprogs and util-linux—the support tools listed on the file system support page—are installed. So, if it is a spurious message, I will switch it off to prevent future false warnings. Thanks.

I think it may be, we have had this check disabled by default since partition-manager version 4.x due to the same spurious message.