Anyone know how to enable built-in webcam i have a dell latitude d531 running netrunner rolling.

It should be detected and working out of the box. All you should need to do is open up cheese and it should initialize and use the camera automatically. May I ask, what program are you trying to use with your camera that is causing you issues?

yes I’m using cheese but its say device not found

After searching for the specs online and reading the guides from Dells site on that laptop, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Dell Latitude D531 does not come with a webcam.

This one did i used it for video confrencing at my previous job when it was running windows xp pro it was my works laptop i bought from them after they wiped HDD they may have speicial ordered these there where 20 of them all this same model all with webcams.

So what can you tell me about the webcam itself?
What drivers did it use under windows?
Whats the chipset it uses?

Anything would be helpful.

Also does anything about it show up with a lspci, lsusb, etc. that could help identify it?