What's the Story with KMail?

So, what’s the story with KMail?

I’m interested in having my email indexed and available for searching. Since Netrunner supplies Thunderbird, I assume its developers think I should use it rather than KMail.

Having never, ever, cajoled KMail into working reliably, I don’t disgree with that.


Nepomunk apparently does not index Thunderbird files.

So, here are my choices:

  1. Use Thunderbird and forget about indexing and searching mail with Nepomunk. (Current scenario)

  2. Ditch Nepomunk and install Recoll, which happily indexes Thunderbird files.

  3. Find a way to actually get KMail to work.

Suggestions and advice welcome.

I would personally go for option 2


I also have running kmail fine here with akonadi and nepomuk. The 4.10 releases of kmail are stable enough at least for me and my mail accounts.

I got things working after restarting Mail Dispatcher Agent via akonadiconsole.

So far, so good. No indexing issues.

We currently deployed Aurélien Gateau to KDEPIM to look into KMail and help make it absolute solid again.
Expected to happen with 13.12, KMail could return to the forefront again.