Where are the activities


Where to find KDE activities in netrunner 16


Under Plasma 5.
1: right click on the desktop and select activities.
2: go into add widgets, search for activities, add the widget to the panel and then click on it.

Also look in system settings for:
“Configure the activities system” under Desktop Behavior > Activities.
“Per-Activity Power Management” Under Power Management > Activity Settings

Also the key combination Super + Q should still show you the activities bar with all activities.
(Super key is mostly equivalent to the windows key on the most keyboards)

In Netrunner desktop

  1. No activities are displayed in the right click menu.
  2. In add widgets, I can only add widgets related to activity management, cannot create activities.

In systems settings, could not find the configure activities system,
I can see activity settings in power management.

But I am not able to create any activity with all the options mentioned.

In the activities panel that pops out from the left when you select activities from the desktop menu or panel widget, there should be a plus that reads create activity at the bottom of that panel to add activities. To remove an activity from that panel you would click the (X) on the right of the activity, to modify it you would click the menu icon to the left of the activity when hovering over them…

Was following these instructions on my NR16 and got a Plasma crash, repeated and got crash after right click on desktop.

attempted to make bug report, including downloading debugging symbols. “not enough information”.Application: Plasma (plasmashell), signal: Segmentation fault
Using host libthread_db library “/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libthread_db.so.1”.
[Current thread is 1 (Thread 0x7f556768e7c0 (LWP 3360))]

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Yes, Plasma 5 has become a bit unstable with the latest 5.3.2 release, KDE Frameworks 5.12 has calmed this down a great deal but the crashes still happen from time to time. I’ve noticed the random crashes seem to happen when widgets in the panel are active (making changes like clipboard, etc.), I’m not sure if this is a Plasma or QT issue though.

A segmentation fault is always bad. It might be just a simple widget doing something really stupid that crashes the whole plasmashell.
I hope this is a one time error and does not occur always. if it does please try with a new fresh user and maybe manually remove installed widgets that don’t come by default. (Maybe one by one to find the culprit)
The widgets should be saved in ~/.local/plasma or ~/.local/plasma-workspace by default.