Where is the Running Icon stored?

Installed Calibre Menu icon is fine. But when running shows weird icon.

3rd one from the left.

Would like to change that but don’t know where I would edit to change it.

As usr/share/applications show the regular icons.
Checked usr/share/calibre and usr/share/calibre/images.
usr/share/icons/ and can’t seem to find that strange looking icon.

Any insights or help on issue. Is greatly appreciated.

That’s either an issue with the application itself not setting the correct icon in its program code or it is a bug in the icon tasks taskmanager not loading the correct icon.

In any way it needs to be reported upstream (on bugs.kde.org) to be investigated a little further. Also please search before posting the bug maybe there is already a report about such a bug.

I was afraid it wasn’t a simple fix.