Where option use KDE fonts?

I can’t find the option in GTK settings to use KDE fonts for the temes.
I know there is a option but I don’t see that.
Where can I find that?

I think this can here changed but I can’t found that. I have make a screenscot
You can find the screenscot here.


There is no such option in this GTK+ settings. You have to set the font manually.

Where can I find that and what must I do?

In that dialog in your Screenshot there is a option to set the font underneath the gtk theme options

I can’t find it.
I can change the icons and themes and the font

In which part can I find that?

Now I am a little confused I thought you wanted to change the fonts for GTK applications. And this is possible in that dialog.

Here is a screenscot. This is another screen than I have but the same KDE version
You see there the option: use my KDE fonts in GTK+ applications
That’s what I mean

This was available on older KDE versions and is called gtk-kcm I think.

hmm someone say me this is available on the last KDE version.

As far as I know the old one has been removed. But I don’t see the big problem here as you can set the font manually to the one in kde in the new dialog aswell.

Yes I find these oke like the new way.