Why all the added akondai services and how can I get rid of them

Yep never saw those akonadi services running before in old distro?
Have gmail don’t use Kmail or Pim or whatever all those other things are.

  1. Do I really need them?
  2. Can I safely remove them? And what do I remove?

Any help or insights is greatly appreciated Thanks! :smiley:

You can remove kontact and the rest of the pim suite safely if you wish. However, if you wish to remove akonadi itself, make sure you check the list of dependencies that will also be removed, if you need mariadb, kolab, qt5-quick1, or anything else in that list, make sure to unselect them in octopi before removing it.

Yep will look into that as why so many processes I do not use and they add up to about 80mb or so of ram. And not knowing how much in cpu resources? May not be much. But every eliminated process means cleaner smoother running with more free ram.