widget shadows without widget -bug

Mon, moin!

I have observed a Plasma desktop bug, that lets behind the shadow underneath the desktop widgets or icons,
after the object itself is already gone.

The mechanism seems to be, that after an icon or widget gets removed from its last position by the desktop behavior (*), the shadow underneath stays until general repaint of the background; only dry-click or else won’t make it disapear.

(*): The desktop behavoir could be: Dragging some object over the border of the taskbar or else which doesn’t accept the drag&drop, loosing the mouse focus while dragging, usw…; behavoir that “corrects” the user.
The easyest Way to reproduce this behavior, is the dragging of a desktop widget out of the widget menü, slightly over the taskbar without releasing the mouse: The widget dissapears ( as it should ) but the shadow stays at the border of the taskbar.

This shadow-thing happened throu many different ways, but the pattern is always the same.

It’s really nothing of a big deal, just a little flaw…

Nice day,

Just another upstream bug.
Iam not sure if its a bug in KDE Plasma or QtQuick.
Would you mind reporting this to bugs.kde.org aswell

How would you advise, to adress this >shadow< ? I don’t know how it’s been implemented … or could I simply refer to “the netrunner-widget-shadows” ? :slight_smile:

As far as I understood it’s a global widgets problem. So if that’s true then call it this way