wifi connection problem

I just install Netrunner Rolling 2015.09 on my laptop. it is running fine except the wifi. It keep disconnecting after few minutes. I have to delete it from the connection editor and reconnect again or rebbot the system. i am a newbie to linux and tried to get some info on the net but so far nothing help.
Does anyone has an idea ?


Most probably a broadcom chip in your wifi card. The drivers tend to be wacky and there exists many for many specific chips.
I would suggest opening up a thread under the Netrunner Rolling subforum instead in general and then post the detailed information about your wifi chip aswell.

Im not sure if this is the place to post this but, Im running the Netrunner Rolling Live CD, and when I try to connect to my WIFI, I get an “Invalid DBUS Proxy” error. What the heck is that and how do you fix that? I re-entered my passkey several times and keep getting the same message. I am using a Qualcomm Atheros AR928X Wireless Network adapter on a Dell 9100 desktop. The funny thing is, I plugged the CD into my laptop (an Asus ROG) and it works just fine.Would anyone have a reason what is going on?

OK the atheros card has one of the best drivers for linux. The dbus error message is interesting as it seems to indicate another direction of where the error might be. Dbus is the internal communication channels for apps with the system. (in this case for network manager and the system and apparently this fails here for you)
Did you check the ISO md5sum and compared with the md5 we provide? Maybe the ISO is broken.

Otherwise I never saw this error before and can’t imagine what might be the culprit.

OK quick question, was it the same exact DVD and/or Wifi adapter that you used on both systems?
I did a quick search for that particular atheros chip-set and couldn’t find any reference to that error message.
The only thing I can come up with is that if that is a USB adapter, then you might be having an issue with the usb ports (chip-set) on that laptop. I have one laptop in my possession that has USB issues myself.

I’m a DJ by trade and I use an American DJ VMS4.1 midi controller/audio device with Mixxx for my shows. On most of my laptops the American Audio VMS4.1 works perfectly, but on this particular laptop I can only get either the Audio device or the Midi controller to work at a time. As soon as I enable the midi controller the audio becomes garbled and the player doesn’t respond to the midi signals, however If I disable the Audio device then the midi controller works again. This means I don’t have full two way communication working on this laptops USB ports.

I re-install netrunner with the rolling 2015.11 and look like the issue is gone. No idea why, but I am happy :smiley: