WIFI not connecting right away

I have a Realtek (RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n) WiFi Adapter on my desktop (Dell Optiplex 960), with Netrunner 14 as the OS. I also do not have it connected to a LAN. Now, it does connect to the wireless, but only when I goto active connections and manually connect. It doesn`t connect while in the boot, startup, process. Any sugestions?

I had an opposite problem with wireless on my old Dell Latitude D530, when I installed the Frontier. I was not able connect on wireless. Go to Settings > Driver Manager, and see if it detects the driver, and then apply the changes. This is the way I fixed mine, so hopefully you’ll see something in the Driver Manger settings.

It doesnt show anything in Driver Manager, no driver is shown. Although it does connect once in a great while, most of the time I have to connect the WIFI manually, which is annoying. Is there a reason why nothing is showing up in Windows Wireless drivers? It shows no installed drivers either. I tried using the Software updater but it is not working either, at least when Restricted packages are enabled. So whats up with Netrunner??

It should connect when loading the desktop as this is handled by the network manager. If you want it to be a systemwide connection please activate this option in the settings of the wireless network you connect to.