wifi weak


my wifi is weak and when I log into Mint, it is full bars!

What is up with THIS distro?

I mean… I am really ROOTING for this distro to grow… but you creators need to get more programmers on your team and make this cool distro ZIP ALONG!!

Are you talking MintKDE or Cinnamon?
Netrunner is based on Kubuntu and KDE, so is MintKDE.

Any! I have downloaded a copy of each GUI version.

I can provide you with a screenshot of KDE MINT and your distro and you will see on yours, I have 2 bars and in MINT I have a ALL bars! Sometimes in NetRunner, I have to reload a page a few times before it finally goes.

That’s definately something that shouldn’t be…so since we are collaborationg on KDE, the same Mint team that do MintKDE will have a look at this.

What are your kernel version on MintKDE and Netrunner ? Also, do you know what kind of wifi chipset you own (try lspci command to know that) ?

Hi Ultimate Powers,

There shouldn’t be any differences since both (Mint KDE and Netrunner) are based on Kubuntu, built in almost the same way and go through the same design and testing processes.

If there is a difference it’s probably related to an upgrade. Netrunner comes fully-upgraded whereas Mint KDE sticks to the versions shipped initially with Kubuntu. The consequence of this is that you’re probably running a newer kernel and possibly newer firmware or network stack versions in Netrunner than you are in Mint KDE.

If you have time to troubleshoot you can take Mint KDE and perform a full dist-upgrade on it, then reboot it and see if you can observe a loss of wifi signal. If you do, then we’re looking at an upstream regression in an Ubuntu package or in the Kernel itself.

Both the latest versions.

I’m hoping NetRunner goes Debian on the next release!~