Window decorations keeps crashing

I installed glowglass-w7dark theme from and when I go to window decorations it keeps crashing.
This is the backtrace from the error: 


Is there a way to use the theme I installed ?, or if that’s not possible, I would like to atleast have a chance to browse and apply different window decoration.
Thanks for all the help.

This is a known issue with certain aurora themes under Plasma 5 versions prior to 5.3.2. However, there are still a few themes out there that will still crash Plasma 5 even after the 5.3.2 version, so for now I’d have to suggest a different theme until that one get’s fixed.

Thank you for your help.
I went back to netrunner 14 LTS with all the updates installed.
Everything is running smoothly as I wanted.
My only concern is, are there any security issues I might be facing by using older version?

No you’ll be fine, KDE SC 4 is still receiving security and bug fixes from upstream.