Writing Directories to Phone

Hi, I’m having a slight problem in copying Directories to my Android phone. Basically if after ripping, say, an audio-book with six CD’s, I can’t just take the parent directory containing the six (ripped to ogg) folders and copy them to my phone. I can’t even copy each individual folder and copy it to the phone. In order for me to get everying in the same config (authorname/6-cd-folders) I have to go into my phone first - create a directory (authors name) and then 6 subfolders - then going back into my computer I have to open each individual sub folder and copy / paste the ogg files into the newly created sub folders on the phone. This sucks. The simple, one click/drag and drop into my phone has turned into a lot of pfaffing around.
Question is - what can I do about it? Is this a dolphin thing? I populated my phone with music/audio books using Mint 14/cinnamon and there was no problem. Parent folder copy/paste drag and drop - easy.
Is there some kind of permission thing going on that won’t let me do this simple feat.
I tried it on the command line too using cp -rf source/destination and still a no go.
Anyone any ideas?

Did you connect your Android phone via USB ?
Is it running a 4.x version which needs MTP ?

So I’ve just been playing around with the phone. And basically solved the problem. I found out that I could copy/paste whole directories THAT WERE ALREADY RIPPED LONG AGO (on a distant planet called Mint). However the newly ripped directories (ripped on Netrunner) were the ones that weren’t being copied. So I did a right click on the directory and did Properties/permissions/advanced and checked off the 3 boxes there UID, GID (probably not necessary) and something called “Sticky”. Not sure what that is - but’s now checked! Anyway it all seems to work now. I can copy/paste whole directories with out tearing my hair out!
Thanks anyway.

The Sticky Bit only works for folders as far As I know and restricts the access for deleting or renaming a file. So that only the file creator can do this. Setting the sticky bit for a file should not have any effect I guess. Historically it was a bit set to cache the file into memory so that it wasn’t reread from harddisk. But I guess this is all old stuff.