Yep Steam All Messed up for me.

Steam Clean - Not!

After closing that dialog then compositor issues. Panels disappearing,no right-click Right monitor goes black.
Have to Logout or reboot desktop to get it back. Using default open drivers on my Ati 4350 dual displays.
Standard Clean install of 09-2015 iso and updates.

Steam Libraries doesn’t launch

Steam Runtime launches but can’t get it to play Race the Sun. Sorry only game to try out.
Steam Icon in tray may be steamWeb helper in processes.
It’s there and can’t get rid of it. No click on or right-click.

Seems that running Steam also contributes to compositor glitches,lockups,etc…

Still confused which to run? Libraries? Runtime?
Just find it confusing. Which isn’t hard to do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any enlightenment on these issues? are they known? workarounds or give up on Steam? :-/

System libs uses the installed Manjaro system libraries.
Runtime libs are the older libraries from Steam OS (Ubuntu) itself.

I’m getting the same issue with steam-clean, in the terminal i’m getting:

bash: /usr/bin/steam-clean: Permission denied

Not the other issues though. These might be driver related.

Yep no hurries whenever you get around to it. Just informing to see if others having issues and heads up to those that might not know.

OK, this has been fixed upstream and should be in the next update-pack.

Good to know thanks for the heads up!