[yes] Does Krusader have a filter like Dolphin?

I wonder if Krusader has a filter like Dolphin so that it is possible to only show files/folder which contain a certain string? In Dolphin I have the filter bar always visible at the bottom of the window and it is so handy, I use it very often. I like to use Krusader fort certain tasks but the missing filterbar is a pain for me. My hope is that I just haven’t found it until now and someone can point me into the right direction…

Shift-F12, or View->Custom will do the trick
You can put an icon on any toolbar if you like (Use “Custom”).

Not a perfect solution but it gets the job done.

If you press Ctrl+I there is the same filter bar like in dolphin

Ctrl-I - yeah - thank you!! Any chance to make that permanent?

Yeah I did it …