13.12 - user? Password? [SOLVED]

Well, download Netrunner 13.12 (32bit), decompress the iso to an usb (use unetbootin, as usual) and Netrunner stops in the kdm asking me to enter a password!??!?!? :huh: I can’t go any further from that point.

Any advice?



EDIT: Sorry guys, my fault. :angel: I was so anxious :-/ to install the new version that I use a faulty USB. After replace it, I was able to play around a bit… and I can say…well done!! Nice distro, like Netrunner 13.06. :slight_smile:

I’m now installing it in my main computer.

Again… sorry guys!! :cool:


Have you checked the MD5SUM?
Real hardware or VM?

Can you get to a tty console by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 for example ? If yes are you logged in there or does it ask for a login aswell ?
If no then a simple sudo service lightdm restart might help you to login graphically (automatically).