32-bit Out of the Picture?

I see v15 comes only in 64-bit version. Does that mean that there will be no more Netrunner for 32-bit machines? I regret that, because 14, which I will continue to use, has been very reliable and useful for me.

In my opinion it doesn’t make any sense for Netrunner 15 to support more then 11 year old hardware.
As for Netrunner 14 it will continue to support 32 Bit of course

Since Netrunner 15 was very different from the released Kubuntu 14.10 (which still shipped KDE4.x), it would have been too time-consuming to also adjust a 32bit version. Netrunner 16 and Kubuntu 15.04 will be synced again, so a 32bit version might then be feasable.