Abrowser and Iceape

[color=#000080][i]Can you have Iceape and Abrowser in Netrunner 13.12? :angel:

I tested the other distributions and seemed better than Mozilla-Firefox :cool:

What repository should I add?[/i][/color] :huh:

Iceape can be obtained from Debian SID though I would not recommend to insert the repository but only download the deb package directly from : http://packages.debian.org/de/sid/iceape
IceApe is nothing but a unbranded Seamonkey Suite.
As for ABrowser a unbranded firefox (with some extensions coming preinstalled) you can get it from Trisquel GNU/Linux. But I really don’t know about the state of the package and if it is installable under Netrunner as Trisquel GNU/Linux uses a Debian 6.0 base: http://mirror.fsf.org/trisquel/pool/main/f/firefox/