Absolute path to runners-id webdav folder

I’m trying to create an encrypted folder on runners-id. I have webdav access to my runners-id account, but when I enter in terminal ‘encfs webdav://relative/path/to/encrypted/folder /source/folder’, I receive an error message that encfs requires absolute paths.

So, what’s the absolute path to a webdav:// folder? Somewhere in /dev?

Hmm, when I mount the runners-ID filesystem I type ‘sudo mount.davfs http://myowncloud.com/files/webdav.php /mnt’.
I’m interested in that too. Is it generally possible to encrypt that remote filesystem? I thought it isn’t, because it is on a foreign/extern server/filesystem.

I’ve seen other people have success with self-encrypted cloud storage, so I thought I could do it.

I tried mounting my webdav folder to /mnt/runners-id. I could create an encfs encrypted folder within /mnt/runners-id. But when I fed files to the encrypted folder, they didn’t upload to runners-id.

I created a crypted filesystem in a folder with cryptkeeper. It worked. After a new mount the testfile was present in the runners-id folder. I know cryptkeeper uses encfs so it must be possible to manage this from console too.

encfs only works with local files, you need a linux file system webdav:// is remote :frowning:

Maybe you will be able to use Truecrypt and create a crypted file, then you will need to:

-Download the file
-Access you files
-Upload the file.


I wonder why it works with cryptkeeper… :huh: