.abw files SOLVED

First post for me… Using Netrunner 14.2, and would like to know if there’s a way to get an Abiword file to open with Abiword when it’s clicked. A click causes it to be opened with Kate, and the text is unreadable. A right-click opens drop-down menu, with Abiword option at the very bottom of the list.
Other distros using KDE allow for .abw files to be opened with a click by default (e.g. Mint KDE), so it’s within the realm of possibility.
No big deal really… I would like a solution, but the main reason I’m posting is to try to get the forum’s bot to save my registration. Been trying for months to maintain access to this forum, but have only recently been told that one needs to post shortly after registering to “save” the registration. (see: runner.com/about/).
So hope this works…

This is configurable. You can install right click on a given file and go to properties. There you can edit the default application to open that file with a click on the little configure icon. This will give you the same list you would see with a right click -> open with contextmenu. Here you can move Abiword to the top to always open that filetype with it.

thanks for that leszek… clicking on “properties” gave access to “File Type Options” which did what you said… didn’t know that the wrench was “the little configure icon”… but now I see that it is the same icon used to configure network manager (for example). Wouldn’t have found it on my own; so thanks again.