acestream ( No module named makeurl )

When I try to run acestreamengine, this error appears:

acestream|error during startup
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “core.c”, line 493, in
File “core.c”, line 380, in
File “ACEStream/Core/TS/”, line 18, in
File “ACEStream/Core/”, line 19, in
ImportError: No module named makeurl

Can you show me how to load module named makeurl?

Seems like you are missing a python library. But I am not sure where this makeurl stuff could be in.

How did you install acestream engine?

The player and engine are both available from the AUR:

Player also installs the engine:
yaourt -S acestream-player

Engine only:
yaourt -S acestream-engine

these should also check for and install all the dependencies as well.