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add a plasma theme


Ok I have googled this with answers but not to this exact issue. I want to add plasma themes from The help i found shows an option/button to add themes but Netrunner does not. I only have 3 plasma themes, 1-netrunner, 2-default, 3-homerun. How would I add a new plasma theme without going through some lengthly process, ie: command line vs. one click install. Anyone have an idea ?:huh:

picture here is what i get displayed, Layout is the drop down. [/size][/font]
Edit: I have figured out how to change the panel color by changing the desktop theme, here is a pic.


The Get New Themes button is exactly intended for this. Just search for your favorite plasma theme from kde-looks there.


Yeah that is for Desktop theme, not Plasma. Im playing with it and will update when i figure it out.


Desktoptheme = Plasma Theme


Thanks, after searching around i finally figured that out, WHY is the terminology different, very confusing !:@
But thanks for the reply, got it all the way I want now, after i installed 13.12 and got rid of previous version.



Try installing Discover through package installer Such as Synaptic / Muon, and enjoy plasma ExperianCE