add option to the installer to use some .deb downloaded before

If possible I would like to use aptoncd or another tool to have already downloaded .deb files during new installations.

So instead of use remastersys or some other complex way, I could just use with an easy step all the files and not download them each time I have to install the system (like language packs and updates).

Don’t know if it is somthing complex or easy, it’s just an idea of what could be good to have because in my country wan links average is 2mbps yet.

So to summaryze:

1 - I install one system with my language and add some updates.
2 - Use aptoncd (just easy step), to take the files on an .iso
3 - when I start installer I could use an option (add .iso with extra .deb files to use during installation for offline install or download less .deb files)

That’s it.
step 2 and 3 could be something else but that’s the basic idea.

Maybe in the same step you could have “add extra software during installation” option. (could bee too much, just put the idea here).


This is an interesting idea. Technically it is definitely possible. It would be even possible for you to just install apt-on-cd and install all the debs you had saved previously before starting the installer. (if the space of the ramdrive is enough for those)